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Российская Воздухоплавательная Транспортная Компания “Новый великий шёлковый путь” (РВТК “НВШП”)
Russian Air swimming Transport Company “New Great Silk Way” (RATC “NGSW”)

Рекламное место главного спонсора

Свяжитесь с нами по телефонам: +7 900 568 99 19; +7 906 238 8680; +7 906 231 8357



Dear Sirs,

We suggest you to become the MAIN SPONSOR
one of the most large-scale and ambitious Projects of the 21st century
in Russia and around the world!

The project, allows to act as the operator of the financial flows which volume is estimated by experts
in 500-600 billion US dollars per year!

Having become the sponsor of the Project, you will be able to level up the prestige on even high height,
having carried out grandiose and unprecedented on the scales advertizing company, not only
in Russia, but also around the world!

The main Sponsor of the Project will benefit:

- placement of an advertizing banner of the Main sponsor of the project on all pages, including main, on a place of the main sponsor of the top frame of a site: www.ngsw.ru

- the advertizing page on a site www.ngsw.ru or the full advertizing section (a mini-site under our domain);

- the right to establish the conditions of carrying out the advertizing campaign of the Main sponsor in our project;

- the right of termless placement of an advertizing banner of the Main sponsor in the first line of the section "Sponsors" of a site www.ngsw.ru the first lines of the list of sponsors of the project;

- be hailing name of the Main sponsor of the project at all negotiations, forums, conferences, presentations where its will be taped commercial submitted also, to presentation, flier and banners;

- presence of delegations of the Main sponsor on the actions designated above and the right of performance in open part of these actions;

- placement of boards and banners of the Main sponsor on objects of land infrastructure under construction, and as on RVK fuselages;

- the right of participation as the partner in all large and significant commercial projects which are carried out within implementation of the main project to be the co-owner of joint funds, holdings and the enterprises.

- the certificate of the Main sponsor of the project provides the right to the Main sponsor to act as the main credit organization for all stages of the Project, to provide to the enterprises and employees of the Project of all range of credit services, bank tools and programs (salary, insurance, etc.).

Sponsor's payment:

5.823.000,00 rubles per month

or 91.715,00 EUR per month / or 125,060.00 USD per month

or 825.400,00 CNY per month

This payment, determines the sum of demanded, monthly filling of Fund of financing of the current organizational tasks of the Project.

You can study the project on a site: http://ngsw.ru/index.php/proekt

For signing of the contract on the Main sponsor of the project, contact us on the following coordinates: E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Tel.: +7 900 568 99 19; +7 909 775 4227; +7 906 231 8357

Контактная информация

м/т. +7 900 568 9919
тел. +7 401 238 8680
м/т. +7 906 231 8357

E-mail: ngsw@ngsw.ru

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