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ATTENTION!!! We submit the Third Measurement project

For the purpose of information promotion of the project and definition of strategic partners, the group of the affiliated companies, Holders of the project, started an active phase of preparation of a series of the international actions and invites to take part in them all interested parties

1. International business-conference (IBC)... (follow a link the section IBC)

2. The international aeronautic forum in Moscow (IAF Moscow)... (follow a link the section IAF Moscow)

 Special compellation to sponsors action

Participation in actions - only according to official Request!

Dear Sirs! The initiative group as a part of a group of authors of Holders of the project declares establishment of transport company of new type under the name the Russian Aeronautic Transport Company"New Great Silk Way" /RATC "NGSW"/ which mission consists in implementation of the project called by his initiators as the Third Measurement Project which will allow to master air space of the planet in all the range of unoccupied heights on the coordinate of the third measurement.

We submit the Third Measurement project

The Third Measurement project resulted from the solution of problems of trasportno-logistic character in business processes, as the unique alternative of an exit from the created provision of the unblocking of the Kaliningrad region connected with problems in the transport relation. In the course of work on the project, it appeared that it can solve problems and character, more global for Russia, as one of alternative decisions on implementation of complex modernization of all transport infrastructure of Russia in general which need is caused by the problems connected with a condition of Russian Railways now.

Project ambition. Development of air space in an flight level of unoccupied heights from 1,5 to 9 km and more for delivery by air the international large-capacity and large-size freights the robotized aeronautic complexes (RVK), airships – historical name,  of the superbig loading capacity of 3500 tons, through the territory of Russia in the volumes corresponding to the existing deficiency of the cargo transit traffic estimated by experts at 500-600 billion US dollars a year and obtaining the constant income from development of this traffic in the designated volumes as the main incentive reason of implementation of the present project. 

Way of achievement of the purpose of the project. The international cargo transit aeronautic traffic through the territory of Russia along a route Kaliningrad-Vladivostok code-named "A new great silk way" ("NGSW")

Means of implementation of the project. Fleet of the robotized aeronautic complexes (RVK) of the superbig loading capacity of 3500 tons capable to fly in on short and long-distance distances large-capacity and large-size freights in the volume covering part or all existing deficit of a cargo transit traffic through the territory of Russia in cost of cargo delivery, commensurable with delivery by land means of transport.

Way of implementation of the project. Creation of specialized branch of industrial production of aeronautic objects of superbig loading capacity, their operational and flight infrastructure.

Offer on implementation of the project. We suggest all interested parties to take part in implementation of this grandiose project in any form, mutually acceptable for the parties

 Benefits from participation in the project

Implementation of the project gives to investors the chance very reliably, is favorable and perspective to place the capitals in real sector of economy. Such opportunity is caused by that the represented project belongs to category of the projects allowing to carry out investment in a format of venture financing as possesses high profitability at the exit (more than 1000% for the invested investment capital). Thus the project possesses characteristics of high reliability and a large supply of durability in general at the expense of the applied scheme of implementation of the project. (watch the section to Investors)

To financial institutions - banks, credit institutions, funds, the factoring and leasing companies, insurance companies, other financial institutions implementation of the project gives the chance to become the operator of the financial flows of the project which are characterized by considerable volumes and long terms of application. (watch the section to Financial institutions)

To sponsors implementation of the project allows to lift their prestige literally on unknown height and to carry out the grandiose advertizing company during the whole time of implementation of the project with prospect of continuous cooperation (watch the section to Sponsors)

To patrons real opportunity to immortalize the name in one of the most grandiose the project in the 21st century opens. Avtorypozhertvovany on implementation of the project, will be forever entered in the list of his patrons, even anonymous, regardless of the extent of the given help (watch the section to Patrons)

The project gives to to partners the chance to take part in its development on the partner relations in that area of cooperation in which the partner possesses necessary competences and desire to make a feasible contribution to implementation of the project. Such cooperation is favorable to all parties. It allows not only to be engaged in the interesting project, but also to receive considerable benefit during the whole time of implementation of the project, with prospect of continuous cooperation (watch the section to Partners)

Development of the project gives to intermediaries the chance to develop large-scale intermediary business on a wide field of activity, from attraction of investments, before mediation in deliveries of raw materials of materials and the equipment to objects under construction during development of the project. And during the subsequent periods – participation in realization of the final product and a traffic (watch the section to Intermediaries)

Development of the project gives to the research and design organizations, scientific and technical and inventive associations, loner inventors, developers of new technologies, materials and equipment opportunity to receive interesting, big on volume, well paid research and design work for many years. At a stage of formation and, especially in the development, the project demands mass application of the latest technologies, materials and mechanisms. Due to the dimensions and mass character of application of the final product, the project is capable to advance the latest materials and technologies on the level which can cardinally change tenor of life of the person and his harmonious coexistence with world around (watch the section to Developers)

Development of the project gives to the design, construction organizations  and manufacturing enterprises the chance to take part in grandiose construction of the whole branch of economy, industrial production and infrastructure. Not skilled on the scales (both by the sizes, and by quantity) construction objects, the enterprises, technological lines, objects of infrastructure of the project allow to load your capacities for many years forward with prospect of continuous cooperation. (watch the section to Contractors)

Development of the project allows to change the industry cardinally a format of production and cooperation communications, and in the long term, due to the latest technologies and structure of all branches of production. (watch the section to Customers)

To the transport and logistic companies, consumers of an aeronautic traffic, without excluding and without substituting traditional delivery systems and without competing with them, the project allows to join in development of deficiency of the cargo transit traffic, unprecedented in the size, through the territory of Russia estimated by experts at 500-600 billion US dollars a year. (watch the section to Customers)

To suppliers and producers of raw materials, materials, the equipment the project allows to take part in implementation of material support of the project in huge scales. A big variety of the materials delivered in the project of raw materials and equipment, will provide employment to suppliers and producers for many years with prospect of continuous cooperation. (watch the section to Suppliers)

To regions of Russia development of the project allows to reduce a demographic and social gap between the center and regions. Especially it is actual for remote regions of Russia. Development of remote regions directly depends on scale and mobility of delivery systems.

To the state Russianу the project allows to solve problems of development of remote regions and the Arctic shelf, considerably to reduce or solve completely a problem of forest fires, to optimize transport infrastructure of the country, to improve demographic and social climate in regions. Internationally, potential readiness and possibility of own production of such objects, and also precedent of need of large-scale use at development of deficiency of a cargo transit traffic through the territory, will allow Russia to play the dominating legislative role, both in production of similar objects, and in standards of their flight validity and technical operation. Domination in production at emergence of a world traffic of the goods turnover which is carried out by aeronautic devices of superbig loading capacity will allow to receive Russia additional international economic and political benefits and preferences.

To the world community. Use in the project of the latest materials and technologies, can give an impetus to global process of modernization of the industry with transition to the productions possessing mobility signs in all branches of activity of the person. (from construction, industrial and power, to the household and agricultural industry). At implementation of the scenario of possible succession of events owing to global warming and natural cataclysms caused by it which will only amplify over time, mobility in power industry and transport will be especially actual. Even if the scenario of cataclysms of planetary character will never be realized fully as it is predicted by modern seers, similar modernization of the industry, at least in limited scales, will have beneficial influence on all spheres of activity of mankind, especially in the sphere of ecology and social conditions.

The concept, articles and materials are provided as the sponsor's help to the project.
Authors Shmelkov M. Y.Zhavoronkov S.V.Maslyuk E.V.Novikov O. N.Laryukova N. M., Hrol S.D.Zhavoronkov S.S.Shmelkov Y.M.Burnashova K.Shalavev N. V.Sobachkin F. S.Syrkin V. V.Dashkov V. I.Nikolaychuk A. P.Yunikov I. P.Kozhemyako V. M.Lebedeva O. V.Lisyutin A. M.

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